Banana Republic Credit Card: Don’t Apply Before You Know these 10 facts !

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banana republic credit card

Are you a loyal shopper at the Banana Republic? Then the chances are that you’re already aware of the Banana Republic credit card. The Banana Republic has teamed up with Synchrony Bank to offer their customers credit facilities that they can use at any Gap Inc. retail store. These credit cards are quite advantageous to customers because they give a ton of valuable perks beyond discounts to shoppers. 

Keep reading this article to learn more about the Banana Republic Credit Card. 

10 things to know Before You Apply for Banana republic Credit Card

1. Benefits offered by Banana Republic Credit Card?

These credit cards give shoppers access to exclusive store offers, free shipping on specific qualifying orders, and store credit.

  • Free shipping with a purchase of $50 or more.
    1. Icon level Cardmembers and Members will receive free 2-3 day shipping,
    2. Core and Enthusiast level Cardmembers and Members will receive free 3-5 day shipping.
  • Free basic alterations at Banana Republic stores
    1. Basic alterations include shortening hems on pants, skirts and dresses. Call your local store for additional details and a complete list of alterations included.
    2. This benefit is available to icon members only
  • 2 to 3 months obé Fitness trial 
    1. Available to only if you’re a Gap Inc. Rewards Program member and you’ve made a purchase at Athleta in the last 12 months
    2. Enthusiast level (gets 2-month free trial whereas Icon level will receive a 3-month free trial of obé Fitness .
  • Earn reward for shopping across all Gap Inc brands
    • Banana Republic Credit Card Membership enables you to get points and rewards on other platforms like at,,,,, and, you are logged in with your email address used for banana republic credit card.

They even get you a birthday gift. The card comes with an annual fee of $0, so there’s no loss from your side. In addition, you get 20% off on your first purchase, provided you purchase within 90 days of opening your card. The reward structure works in increments of five, i.e., you will get a $5 reward for every $100 spent at any Gap brand store. Another benefit of these cards is that you can return items without a receipt, so you don’t have to hassle around searching among bill receipts. 

2. How does the Banana Republic credit card work?

Like most credit cards work, store-specific cards like banana Republic credit cards also work the same way. The basic idea is to provide customers with a more convenient shopping experience along with perks and rewards to retain their loyalty. When you make a purchase, you become eligible for exclusive offers like those we’ve mentioned above. For every $1 spent, you earn 5 points, and for every 500 points earned, you get a $5 reward. If you earn 5000 points in a year, you can upgrade yourself to the Banana Republic Luxe Credit Card status.  

Membership level for Banana Republic Credit

Like every other card, the annual spend or points earned by the card member decides his/her level .The three levels are :

  1. Core  as long as annual spending is less than $500 . 
  2. When you get Banana Republic Credit card , you start at Enthusiast level
  3. Once you earn 5,000 points as a Cardmember , your level will shift to Icon level

3. How to apply for a Banana Republic credit card?

You can apply for the Banana Republic credit card through its online app at this link. But before you start registration, get hold of your Social security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) and mobile number. If you do not know what is ITIN , click here for an easy introduction.

The last four digits of either SSN or ITIN maybe required for initiating the online application . Further most of the general information available on your SSN or ITIN will be autofilled in the application form.

4. Can I use my Banana Republic Visa card anywhere?

The Banana Republic is a store that belongs to Gap Inc. The Banana Republic credit cards can be categorised as private label credit cards. This means that as long as you make a purchase at any Gap Inc brand– in-store as well as online– you can use your Banana Republic credit card. Valid Gap Inc. brands are Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta. So, the Banana credit cards can mostly be used online or offline at banana republic and other brands belonging to Gap Inc.

But wait! There is the Banana Republic Visa® Credit Card can be used anywhere where Visa is accepted. It will let you earn only 1 point for $1 spent outside Gap Inc brands, where your spending earns 5 points for $1.

5. Can I use Gap rewards at Banana Republic?

You can totally use your Gap rewards at any Gap store or affiliated stores. In addition, there are several exclusive bonuses associated with Gap Good Rewards like

  • free basic alterations on Banana Republic merchandise and
  • Convert unused Banana Republic Factory Style Cash to points

You can get complete picture of rewards for GAP Good Rewards here

6. Ways of banana republic credit card login

Since the Banana Republic, a credit card is designed for offline and online use, you can handle it all online. In fact, the Banana Republic credit card synchrony combination provides you with an easy way to see the account statement by opening a synchrony bank account. All your credit cards related information including rewards, payments history, interest charges can be seen from the online page after logging in to this page this link. Please note that you need the user id of the card account and not the login id.

7. What is the banana republic credit card customer service phone number?

All credit cards of Gap Inc. that is the owner of Banana Republic, are issued through Synchrony Bank. Therefore, service requests in the case of any credit cards including Banana Credit Cards, are handled by synchrony Bank only. You can call 866-450-2330, or 866-450-2335 if you’re an Icon Cardmember. You can also find the support number on the back of your Banana Republic credit card. You may also call banana republic credit card phone number 1-888-BRSTYLE (1-888-277-8953) for any clarification of credit card queries. 

What is the Banana Republic credit card payment address? Banana Republic/SYNCB, PO Box 530993, Atlanta, GA 30353-0993. This is the payment address to where you can send your check. Make sure to include your account number in the memo section. 

8. How can I pay my Banana Republic Store credit card?

To start the process, call on the contact number provided on the backside of your Banana Republic card. You’ll receive a set of automated instructions on the call to make the payment. To begin with, add your card details. Then use a check or money order to make the payment. 

With this, you can also create your own account on the credit card servicing website and manage your payments from there. In fact, you do not need to log in for making any credit card payments, on the customer service page of Banana Republic Cardmember service, you can use the banana republic credit card payment as guest. See the screenshot below


9. Three hidden costs of the Banana Republic Credit Card?

Following are most important point for the intending subscriber of the Banana Republic card.

  1. Unused reward points expire two years after your most recent purchase.
  2. Points are not redeemable for cash and can be used only as in-store currency.
  3. The Banana Republic Visa® Credit Card, has an APR, of 25.99% and there is no introductory interest-free period on purchases.

10. How to cancel my Banana Republic credit card?

To close your credit card, you can contact the number given on the back of your credit card and follow the instructions. Cancelling credit cards may adversely affect your credit score, so make sure you do this to not hurt your credit standing. 

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